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Immigration Services

Work permit icon

Work permit

  • When you want to work in the Netherlands.
Residence permit icon

Residence permit

  • When you want to live in the Netherlands.
Knowledge migrant icon

Knowledge migrant

  • When your Dutch employer wants to hire you as a Knowledge Migrant.
Search Year in the Netherlands icon

Search Year in the Netherlands

  • When you have graduated from a Dutch university and are looking for a job.
Document preparation when moving abroad icon

Document preparation when moving abroad

  • When you are moving to another country.
Schengen visa icon

Schengen visa

  • When you need to travel to Schengen area.
Extension of immigration documents icon

Extension of immigration documents

  • When you want to prolong your stay in the Netherlands.

Coming from abroad, it was really challenging to try to find a rental property in the Netherlands and RSH's help was extremely helpful. The service was smooth and made a huge difference to the start of our life in Utrecht.

Matthew, University of Utrecht

In one word, Awesome! They know their job and they never leave you alone! RSH experts are kind and helpful and they will work hard until you get settled!

Kamran, Software Engineer

I think RSH did an awesome job and were so nice and accommodating. I strongly recommend RSH. Thank you for all support given that I couldn`t get success without your company.

Diogo, Trade Sourcing Partner

Moving to Netherlands was quite challenging process. We had small baby and we relocated in a very short period. So, there was no time left for house search. With RSH we had out apartment in less than 10 days using key in a hand procedure. I warmly recommend their services to everyone.

Petar, Telecommunication Engineer

Relocation Services

House Search packages icon

House Search packages

  • When you need housing in the Netherlands.
Registration / Settling-In icon

Registration / Settling-In

  • When you have just arrived and need to get settled fast.
Banking icon


  • When you have just arrived to the Netherlands and need to obtain a local bank account fast.
School / Pre-school / Kindergarten Search icon

School / Pre-school / Kindergarten Search

  • When you need to find a school or daycare for your children.
Career and Spouse Support icon

Career and Spouse Support

  • Secure your (partner's) new NL job and life with confidence
Driving license exchange icon

Driving license exchange

  • When you need to exchange your foreign driving license to a Dutch one.
Vehicle registration icon

Vehicle registration

  • When you want to bring a foreign vehicle to the Netherlands.
Finding a job the Netherlands icon

Finding a job the Netherlands

  • When you want to kick start your career in the Netherlands. .
Pregnancy and Childbirth icon

Pregnancy and Childbirth

  • When you need information on having a child in the Netherlands and for the first year.
Departure icon


  • When you are leaving the Netherlands.

Taxation & Insurances

30% taxation ruling icon

30% taxation ruling

  • When you want to benefit from the 30% taxation ruling.
Expat related income taxation icon

Expat related income taxation

  • When you want to be advised on Dutch income tax related issues.
Dutch health care insurance icon

Dutch health care insurance

  • When you need a Dutch health care insurance in the Netherlands
Dutch social security position icon

Dutch social security position

  • When you need social security while working outside the Netherlands.
Child benefit application icon

Child benefit application

  • When you want to receive child benefit in the Netherlands.
Child care allowance icon

Child care allowance

  • When your child attends to day care in the Netherlands.

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