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Packages overview

International Childcare Support

Recognizing the challenges expat families encounter in locating trustworthy, multilingual childcare, RSH provides International Childcare Support, a solution specifically tailored to meet their distinct requirements. This service seamlessly connects families with experienced, certified babysitters fluent in the family's chosen language, ensuring a smooth adaptation to their new surroundings.

At RSH, we adhere to the principle that family happiness begins with the proper support for children. Through our International Childcare Support, we facilitate families in finding dependable babysitters who not only engage with children in the preferred family language but also foster an environment of comfort and understanding.

Our commitment lies in ensuring that every child feels supported and cared for in a manner that resonates with their cultural and linguistic background, making the transition to a new country less stressful for both parents and children alike.

What We Do

-- A customised service, where you will be offered a babysitter perfectly fitted to your family’s needs - and most importantly, speaking your kids' language!

-- We start with a deep dive intake call, to find out your family’s needs, with the result that your family will be connected with an experienced and reliable babysitter already before relocating to the Netherlands.

-- The babysitter will be prepared for your arrival, knowing not only your family’s specialised needs, but also your neighbourhood, the closest playgrounds, and the most child-friendly restaurants in the area.

Our Efforts, Your Benefits

We understand that relocating to a new country with children is extremely stressful, and every parent wants to make sure their children are taken care of in the best way possible. That is why we offer the customised babysitting service with international babysitters, making sure that the children are in the hands of someone who truly understands them.

Get Started!

Ready to have the most hands-on support your children could wish for?
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Email: info@relocation-holland.nl
Phone: 0031 70 387 17 15

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Interested in this service?

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